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Growing strong

4 Aug

The garden is definitely hitting its peak. For the past few workdays, we have been raking in Sun Gold cherry tomatoes and now larger Brandywine and Black Prince tomatoes. We’re also harvesting many jalapeños and bell peppers.

We took the mustard greens and arugula out of the garden to make space for some fall planting – hopefully kale, lettuces, broccoli and more. This time around we will build cages for the beds being planted in anticipation of the squirrels’ predilection for the sweet and tender young greens.

We have harvested enough produce to merit a canning session. Contact penngarden@gmail.com if you have surplus produce and/or you’re interested in spending some time canning salsa and other items on Friday afternoon. Also, we will be out at the garden on Saturday morning doing some maintenance and building cages, contact penngarden@gmail.com if you can help out.

Tuesday workdays will continue throughout August but will now begin at 6.30 pm. Join us!


The herbs have a home

16 Jun

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Thanks to all those who came out for our workday yesterday! It was a great success and we finished with the work much sooner than we had anticipated. It was a beautiful evening to be out in the garden.

With a willing crew of volunteers we:

  • harvested 2.5 lbs. of mustard greens, .75 lbs. of radishes, .25 lbs of arugula, and .25 lbs of basil
  • weeded the beds
  • filled the herb boxes with soil
  • transplanted basil, dill, parsley, and thyme into the herb boxes
  • seeded beets, kabocha squash, scallions, cilantro, soybeans, bush beans, zucchini, carrots, calendula and mizuna
  • mounded soil around the potatoes

There are signs of yummy harvests to come in the garden: small cherry tomatoes that are still green, a couple tiny eggplants starting to form, and a minuscule tomatillo that was the subject of much photographic attention.

We will be having another workday next Tuesday and hope to see even more helpers out in the garden!

Workday tomorrow!

14 Jun

We’re having the first of our weekly Tuesday evening workdays tomorrow. Stop by the garden after work or class to do some harvesting, transplanting and seed sowing. We’ll be there from 6-8 pm.

It’s supposed to be a beautiful day and you’ll likely go home with some extra local vegetables!

Our first harvests

11 Jun

Now that we have the irrigation system running smoothly and have had plenty of warm, sunny days, the garden is looking really healthy! The first items harvested from the garden were radishes, arugula, and mustard greens. They are all spicy and delicious.

We’ll be harvesting more arugula and mustard greens as well as some herbs at our upcoming this workday, this Tuesday, June 15 from 6-8 pm. Join us for an evening outside as we sow seeds in empty beds and prepare the herb boxes.

Goodbye for the School Year (Hello Summer Gardening)!

19 May

We had our final workparty of the yearopen house on May 7th.  We planted a bunch of new crops with the help of Vanessa Jerolmack, a gardener from the BioPond and Biology Department Greenhouse.  New additions to the garden include eggplants tomatoes, peppers, and some bright orange and yellow flowers to brighten up the edges.  They look great!  We also re-mulched the ground and put last minute touches on the irrigation system, which in the beginning kept leaking.

After we were done for the day, we brought Capogiro to the garden and ate gelato to celebrate all the hard work we had put into the Garden over the year. The gelato was delicious!   The school year may be over, but we still have plenty of work ahead of us over the Summer, including caring for and harvesting the crops.  If you’re in Philadelphia for the Summer, we hope to see you there!

Herbs: Got Garlic?

1 May

Last Saturday, we planted some herbs in the garden.  The herbs were being incubated in the greenhouse until temperatures were warm enough to plant them in the ground.  They were a nice addition to the already planted vegetables, which are looking quite healthy.  We are hoping that the squirrels will stay away long enough so that we can harvest everything, but given that the squirrels here are nuts (pun intended), this may prove to be a challenge.  Eventually, we want to build a fence, but our plans for it are still up in the air.

On working With Power Tools, Wrestling With Tree Roots, and Setting Up Drip Irrigation

1 May

Our main focus last Wednesday was to build herb boxes and to set up an irrigation system.  For anyone who is not familiar with either of these, the former involves power tools, the possibility of splinters, and charging drill batteries, and the latter involves digging in a grid shape in which a hose can be buried, wrestling with roots, and finding lots of worms.  Some of the roots were more stubborn than others, and looked more like tree stumps (see pictures).  Nevertheless, we prevailed, and we now have an irrigation system that has almost been completed.  Hopefully this will decrease the time commitment for the waterers.  Meanwhile, most of the herb boxes have been built.  They look fantastic!  We still have many goals for the future though, as well as maintenance to think about.