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Weathering the storm and enjoying the weather

1 Jul

A few people asked how the garden fared during last Thursday’s big storm. Fortunately, the plants seem to be doing fine. We like to think that they have been made hardier by their life in the wind tunnel.

At Tuesday’s workday we harvested still more arugula and herbs and checked up on the various tomatoes, peppers and seedlings that are growing quite quickly now. We also got the timer on the irrigation system working just in time for this stretch of dry but beautifully sunny weather. Let us know if you see any leaks or flooding at the garden by e-mailing penngarden@gmail.com

In other news, the garden was recently featured in the University City Review. Read the article here.

This coming Tuesday, July 6, we will need lots of volunteers to help us build cages to protect the beds from squirrels. We will start work at the garden at 6 pm.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!