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Cages in progress

9 Jul

We spent Tuesday and Thursday of this week devising and implementing our squirrel defense plan. The garden now has four beds protected by chicken wire cages. Hopefully we will have plenty of tomatoes unsampled by squirrels as a result.

Yesterday, we had our heftiest harvest to date with two fennel bulbs clocking in at 3.5 lbs.! The jalapeñoes are coming in now as well and the mustard greens, of course, keep coming.

Another very exciting development is the arrival of our shed this coming Tuesday. We will finally have a place to store our tools! We will celebrate this at our workday on Tuesday at 6 pm where, along with other tasks, we will be working on building more cages. Join us – we will have vegetables to send home with volunteers.


So much cute produce

22 Jun

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This evening’s passing thunderstorm unfortunately did little to water our plants but allowed us to have our mini workday as planned. We haven’t gotten the materials for the bed cages yet (to keep out the squirrels!) so we did some weeding and harvesting and checking up on the plants.

The mustard greens and arugula keep on coming; volunteers and passersby left laden with greens. Our later crops are meanwhile showing exciting signs of production. There are small green tomatoes on most of the tomato plants and a couple small Japanese eggplants. We spent some time cooing over mini jalapeños as well.

We were also pleased to see that many of the seeds we sowed last Tuesday have germinated. The soybeans, mizuna, scallions, carrots and beets are all peeking out above the soil. Looks like there will be more exciting plant progress to monitor.

Herbs: Got Garlic?

1 May

Last Saturday, we planted some herbs in the garden.  The herbs were being incubated in the greenhouse until temperatures were warm enough to plant them in the ground.  They were a nice addition to the already planted vegetables, which are looking quite healthy.  We are hoping that the squirrels will stay away long enough so that we can harvest everything, but given that the squirrels here are nuts (pun intended), this may prove to be a challenge.  Eventually, we want to build a fence, but our plans for it are still up in the air.