Totally Radish

2 Jul

From our work on Saturday! ūüôā


Summer Veggies!

21 Jun

Let’s kick the Summer off again by meeting for a work day in the¬†garden on Saturday at 11am. The garlic scapes are looking good, radishes¬†are coming in very nicely, and there is arugula, dill, basil, and kale to¬†spare! We can also begin plans to plant for a fall harvest as there is some¬†room available. You should have received an email, but if you didn’t, contact me at and ask to join the Penn Garden Club google group.


Michael Accardo

PS. There is also a Wild Foodies of Philly meet-up occurring that morning
at 8am for a tour of the Lemon Hill area. We will be sampling wild
raspberries and various other plants. Here is a

First Workday!

7 Apr

Hi all! ¬†Our first workday at the Garden was the first Friday after spring break, and lucky for us it was a gorgeous day! ¬†We spent the first portion of the workday getting rid of any dead¬†vegetation, and then set to work immediately afterwards pouring mulch onto the beds. ¬†We then mixed the mulch into the soil. ¬†Hopefully, this will help the plants to grow. ¬†We also, to our surprise, found that the garlic is sprouting up green and healthy. ¬†It’s a good omen for the days ahead!


14 Nov

Hi all! ¬†Just to recap, last Friday we had a workday in which we planted lettuce and covered some of the crops with fabric so as to keep them warm during the colder months. ¬†We also harvested some of the already-grown lettuce and tomatoes. ¬†Here’s hoping that the weather stays nice, and that squirrels stay away!

Green Fest, Fall Festival, and various workdays

3 Nov

Hi everyone! ¬†We have a lot to share this week about the garden and other fun events happening on campus. ¬†Firstly, we’d like to thank everyone who attended Fall Festival at Penn Garden during Food Week. ¬†We now have a beautiful hand-painted sign, and we planted garlic–which we unfortunately had to re-plant because of a squirrel invasion. ¬†The cider and vegetable soup (which was made with our own kale!) were absolutely delicious.

Last Friday we also had a workday. ¬†The agenda that day was to re-plant the garlic, and harvest lettuce and baby spinach. ¬†As usual, we got to keep what we picked. ¬†But don’t fret if you missed this past workday. ¬†We have another workday coming up this Friday 2-4. ¬†If possible, please bring plastic bags to take food home in: ¬†we’re running low. ¬†Also, a red thermos was left at the Garden a few weeks ago. ¬†If you’re reading this, and you’ve lost it, please come and pick it up.

Lastly, don’t miss Green Fest! ¬†The blurb says it all:

“GreenFest, Penn‚Äôs campus-wide environmental festival, aims to raise environmental awareness and help facilitate the collaboration of eco-friendly groups. Our goal is to educate students as to how they can do their part in the green revolution.”

There’ll also be free food and, best of all, we’ll be there too.

So come to Penn Garden, come to Green Fest, and stay green!

Workday tomorrow

28 Oct

Join us for a workday at the garden this Friday at 3 pm! We’ll be doing some garden maintenance, harvesting and planting¬† lettuce.

Photography by Peter Tobia

Fall Festival at Penn Garden

21 Oct

Hi Everyone! ¬†Hope you’re enjoying food week. ¬†I just wanted to remind you all that Fall Festival at Penn Garden is Friday (tomorrow), noon to 4 at–you guessed it–Penn Garden. ¬†So stop by for a delicious conclusion to food week!